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Security Update

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the hood 

Packages and gifts on your porches they stood.  

The house was unlocked and no use for an alarm 

Who would suspect any kind of harm?

Our autos were filled with presents wrapped with strings   

Just waiting for someone to empty those things 

Our family was settled all snug in their house

With the TV so loud it chased out the mouse

When out on their street a car cruised by slowly

With some bad guys wanting to do something lowly

Out of the car they sprang in a haste 

In less than two minutes all lay in waste

Gone were the packages left at the door 

Where they once stood was all nothing more

The car had been opened and items removed 

A crime we all agree is certainly not approved 

So lock your doors and arm your system 

Don’t be the one claimed you just missed um 

Bring in your gifts and empty your car 

So others won’t be pawning your gifts from afar 

Be a good neighbor and watch your street 

We can be like Mayberry and still be discreet

And if there is trouble don’t hesitate to call

911 and a Merry Christmas to All 

Peachtree Heights West Civic Association    

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