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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Recently, in two separate events our neighbors have awoken to find that during the night an intruder had entered their home and made off with a few items of value including car keys and the car. The residents were unaware of the break-in until the following morning. No one was harmed or threatened and the cars have since been recovered.

These events are totally unacceptable and we should all be grateful that only property was stolen and no harm came to anyone. Aside from the action of the thief the common denominator was the failure of the residents to lock their doors at night or turn on the burglar alarm or both.

Both the Atlanta Police department zone 2 and our security group headed by Lt. Jeff Baxter have been highly responsive to these crimes.

While we can count on the police to try and track down these thieves, the first line of defense in the prevention of such crimes is ourselves.

When you retire for the evening, please check to be certain that all of your doors and windows are locked. If you have a burglar alarm, turn it in on.  If you do not have one, consider getting one installed along with the addition of motion sensitive lights in areas that might be vulnerable to the concealment of a person waiting for an opportunity to invade your property.

In my last posting, I also suggested the use of a video door bell system with hyper- links that provided reviews of the most popular brands.




We do not live in a high crime area, but crime does exist. A few simple deeds like not leaving valuables in your automobile, locking your doors at night and turning on your alarm system will go a long way to prevent you from becoming a victim!

On another note, the Wall Street Journal recently ran an editorial on how “Burglars Are Following You on Facebook”. Please take a minute to the read from this link:


Stay safe

Tom Watson

Peachtree Heights West Civic Association    

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